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JOSUH - PH.+62 81239203180

Speaks very good  English, honest, can organise ferry tickets

to Rote, flights, visas & services around Kupang.


Behari Fast Ferry

Leaves Kupang 8.30 am arrives Rote 10.30 am

Leaves Rote 11.00 am arrives 1.30 pm

Conecting same day flight allow no earlier than than 3.30 pm

to allow travel to airport & checking in.



When booking flights allow 1 hour for checking in before flight. 

Garuda Online Booking Website


Wings Air Kupang - Rote

Fights 7 days a week leave Kupang 3,00 pm

leave Rote 4.30 pm

best to book through 




Jl sumatera 31, Central kupang, 

Telephone+62 380 832169


Swiss - Belinn Krystal Hotel

Address: Jl Timor Raya, Kupang

Ph (62-380) 8430300




Ima Hotel

Address: Jalan Timor Raya No.122, Kupang

Phone:+62 380 834445

Lualemba has a lot more to offer than just a place to stay.

Owned and managed by Jenet who has lived her life in Nemberala, with her Australian husband David who has more than 47 years of surfing experience, together they have created Lualemba Bungalows, Lualemba Bar and Restaurant and Lualemba Aqua which has made a positive impact throughout the local Dela Community and previous guests that keep returning and referring their friends to be apart of the Lualemba experience. Located 400 metres walking distance from the beach boat harbour that all surfers need to go to ride a boat to Besialu Reef (alias Tland) located one kilometre from the beach. Lualemba Bungalows was built from a bush location surrounded by Lontar palms that the local Rotenese people have been harvesting for their nectar as a sugar supplement for hundreds of years. Selecting this location was a choice by Jenet and David for it's fertile soil and cooler proximity compared to other locations near the beach that are barren sandy areas known for radiating excessive heat. Lualemba Bungalows have a traditional Rotenese \ Timor style with the modern touches added to make sure our guests enjoy a comfortable stay. Guests staying at Lualemba Bungalows have the opportunity to have the knowledge to surf other surf locations when and where they are possibility of breaking whether it means travelling by motor cycle or chartering one of Lualemba's available boats. There are great fishing 0pportunities weather and conditions permitting some outer reefs and island destinations.If the surf is flat or you may be feeling a little adventures you can go sailing and snorkelling at one of the local islands.
Jenet and David have kept in mind the importance to give back to the local Dela community. David was the first foreign permanent resident to live in Rote. We have employed local Rotenese \ Timor people with the building and establishment of Lualemba to even the on going running of the day to day events that make it what it is today. With the assistance from Friends of East Indonesia Jenet and David were able to establish Lualemba Aqua a non profit establishment that provides clean filtered drinking water to classrooms to numerous schools and community centres throughout the Dela region. By doing this over several years we have made clean filtered water to the best available standard throughout Dela and have educated the local community the importance that clean healthy drinking water is to their wellbeing.

Lualemba Bungalows

When Guest choose to stay at Lualemba Bungalows they get a unique traditional bungalow each designed with its own individual style and modern comforts. These include large modern spring bed with mosquito net, predistal fan and 220 volt electricity (Australian 240 volt electrical goods work fine).Modern style bathroom includes floor to ceiling tiles, double style flush toilet, vanity sink, shower and Indonesian style mandi. Guests  also have included in their price of accommadtion three meals from the modern style Lualemba restaurant and Bar now located at the Lualemba Bungalow site. The use of the many mountain bikes and unlimited boat shuttles out to Besialu Reef (alias Tland). The captain waits while you surf so if you happen to have equipment malfunction or conditions change the Lualemba boat is there to take you back to the beach. The Lualemba boat may leave for a short period of time to transfer other guests staying at Lualemba to or from the surf break.  we can organise tranfers from Kupang airport to and from Kupang ferry terminal or transfers to and from Baa airport or ferry terminal.
Lualemba Restaurant and Bar

 Jenet had be involved in the catering at several resorts around Nemberala since school. She bought a generator and freezer to sell ice to the local fisherman selling fish. one day a westerner suggested to her to sell cold beer. This became the establishment of "Jenets Cool Drinks" back in 1998. This the only place people could come to buy cold drinks becoming the central hub for tourist to hang out in 2007 Jenets Cool Drinks developed into Lualemba Restaurant and Bar being the first and only restaurant and bar in Nemberala for many years. 2017 was the end of an era when Lualemba Restaurant and Bar closed down and the opening of the"NEW" Lualemba Restaurant and Bar at Lualemba Bungalows site so that we could concentrae Lualemba all at one place. Lualemba Restaurant is still open to the public.
 Guests have three meals included with their price of accommodation. Breakfast includes one tea or coffee, fresh fruit salad and one choice from the breakfast menu. The breakfast menu has a large variety of egg dishes with toast, banana pancake or vegetable mie soto for some of the choices. Breakfast begins at 6.00 am and we prefer to finish at 9.30 am. Lunch is one choice from the lunch menu with a large variety of western style food to local Indonesian style food.( exsample: fish burger, spaghetti bolinaise fried chicken and chips or fish nasi georeng, gado ado, chicken mie goreng). Lunch begins at !!.00 am through to 3.30 pm. Dinner is around 7.00 pm and is a meal organised by Jenet and Maria who have both many many years of experience working as cooks in resorts. 
 People that are vegeterian, veagan or don't like vegetables at all and people that can't eat peanuts, dairy gluten for exsample. Tell Jenet on arrivial or tell Maria the head cook and they can cater for your needs.
 Jenet and Maria can cater for special occassions with a suckling pig on spit and a variety of vegetable and salad dishes creating the altimate pig out. It is important to preorder to organise and pricing for persons involved participating in the feast.
Lualemba have a small fleet of boats just for their guests
 At Lualemba guests have included with there accommodation unlimited boat trips to surf Besialu reef. Just tell the girls working in the kitchen at Lualemba Restaurant and Bar that you are getting ready for a surf and they will locate the one of the Lualemba Captains to meet you at the Nemberala Beach Harbour to take you out for surfing at Besialu Reef. The captain will wait out at the moaring at Besialu Reef while you surf incase you have equipment failure, injury or a change of unsuitable surf conditions. unless he has other Lualemba guests to pickup from or return to the Nemberala Beach Harbour within twenty minutes he should have returned to Besialu Reef moaring. When the sun has set he must wait at Besialu Reef moaring until all Lualemba guests have returned to the Lualemba Boat before returning to Nemberala Beach Harbour so no guests are left waiting in the dark.
Lualemba have boat charters available for guests only to go fishing to outer reefs and trolling around the outer islands, surfing spots around Rote to reef breaks far from beaches normally difficult to access or surf the reefs of outer islands.
Lualemba also offers day trips to go snorkelling and exploring outer islands on the comforts of a catamaran with plenty of shade and area to move around. See below some of the days out experienced by guests. 
Transport travel to and from Lualemba Bungalows

KUPANG to Rote and return

  Remember you are travelling in Indonesia with delays and inconvinences happen on a regular basis. It's something you as a traveller must expect and nobody will care or compinsate you if you are incovinenced by changes and delays. We reccomend when returning to your home country to allow a day or two help compensate with unexpected delays or have a travel insurance that will adjust any missed international flights. Garuda has such a travel insurance when buying your international ticket.
 At Lualemba Bungalows we can help with orgainising pickup car charters to and from Kupang airport to Berhari Fast Ferry around RP 150,000 to 200,000 or hotels in the Kupang location for over night accommodation and pickup the next day to continue your journey.
 We reccomend guests travelling with surfboards to Lualemba Bungalows from Kupang airport to arrive no later than 1.00pm to be able to connect with the afternoon ferry that leaves Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday surposingly 2.00 pm (Tuesday and Wednesday no afternoon ferry) but usually doesn't leave until 2.30 pm and arrives in Ba'a around 4.30 pm. It takes one hours travel from Kupang Airport to Berhari Fast Ferry Terminal. Berhari Fast Ferry ( ticket VIP RP 160,000 and RP 20,000 load surfboards on and RP 20,000 take surfboards off ) also leaves Ba'a same days and times in the afternoon as it does from Kupang and it also leaves 8.30 am everyday of the week from Kupang and Rote arriving at their destinations around 11.00 am. 1.00 pm or later is a good time for an connecting flight from Kupang Airport.Strong winds can cancel ferries from running which may happen around a dozen times a year. Maintence and repairs can cause un sceduled cancellations to ferries.
 Wings Air fly from Kupang to Rote twice a day 6.00 am arrives Rote at 6.30 am and 3.00 pm arrives Rote 3.30 pm. Morning flight is usually on time because it's the first flight of the day. the afternoon flight is the second last flight of the day and can be up to a couple hour behind time. From Kupang Wings Air don't take surfboard over 2 metres long and will charge RP 200,00 PER surfboard. Surfboards over 2 metres usually have to go on the Behari Fast Ferry the next day. One price to Ba'a and another price from Ba'a to Nemberala. This is why we reccomend connecting with the afternoon ferry.
 Returning with Wings Air Rote to Kupang any size surfboard is no problem ( work that one out same plane ) and will charge RP 200,00 PER surfboard. Wings Air fly twice a day Rote to Kupang 7.30 am usually on time and 4.30 pm last flight for the day and never on time. Wings Air are a classic of cancelling flights if they haven't sold enough tickets the problem is whether the morning flight or afternoon flight gets cancelled. This isn't usually an issue during peak periods but they have never cancelled a morning and afternoon flight on the same day. We reccomend that if you book an afternoon flight if they cancell catch the morning flight. Have a connecting flight booked no earlier than 9.00 am from Kupang Airport.
Rote - Ba'a to Lualemba Bungalow and return
Best to have Lualemba organise car charter for transport to and from Lualemba Bungalows when you book your accommodation to help make it hassle free. Maximuin 4 people per car RP 300,000 for car charter 35 kilometre distance. There are no public bemos from Ba'a airport and sometimes from Ba'a ferry terminal it is also possible to find a car to charter at either of these places but probably not save any money and if there isn't a car its more than an one hour wait for a car to come get you from Nemberala.

Lualemba guests getting out and about around Rote
 Including in the price of the accommodation Lualemba have bycycles available for guests to get around Nemberala locally but for getting out and about further distances are best by automatic step through motorcycles with surfboard racks to be able to get to places like Boa or Oe Sali for surfing locations. Flat days to get about and explore villages outside Rote or checking out the many landscapes that exsist such as Batu Pintu, masive mangroves, 300 steps or Tonga Inlet. The convience of being able to get around with ease whenever you want. Motorcycle hire is RP 75,000 per day.
 If a motorcycle is not your thing for exploring around the island car charters can be organised with prior notice. Usually a maximiun of  four persons per car a half day hire is around RP 700,000 per day depending on distance etc.
Besialu Reef (alias T-Land)

Besialu reef is a left hand wave that wrks best with east to south east winds is the main surfing area on the island of Rote located west of the village of Nemberala. Situated one kilometre from the beach the easiest way to get there is by boat. Lualemba has a boat exclusive for guests staying at Lualemba Bungalows that includes unlimited trips to and from the moaring area just outside break. the boat stays out at the break while guests are surfing incase of equipment malfunction or a change in weather conditions. the boat may have to leave for a short period of time to transport other guests staying at Lualemba Bungalows.
 Besialu Reef has four take off areas along its reef. the furtherest inside area called "The Point" that is a shallower part of the reef that consists with a steep take off with fast hollow sections on a good day going through between the Pyramid and the mountain.
 The second take off area is "The Pyramid" which is the most popular srfed area of Besialu Reef. Marked by a small rock on the reef in front with the right swell direction on a good day surfs can surf 300 metres ion distance into Bananas. Definately the most consistant part of Besialu Reef it is surfable  one foot (knee high face) up to twelve feet ( three to Four times overhead face}. A fun part of Besialu Reef that allows a surfer to do multapile types of manuves on one wave.
 The third take off area is " The Mountain" that has probably the best take off section on Besialu Reef due to its enormous volume of water jacing up at the take off section giving it the name "The Mountain". It takes a little more swell than The Pyramid to start breaking properly usualy takes a three to four foot swell (chest to head high face) up to 15 foot ( friggin huge}. The bigger this wave gets the more top to bottom it becomes bringing some awesome barrell sections with some racy walls to make into Bananas that can get quite shallow.Some surfers claim it to be the best part of Besialu Reef.
 The fourth take off area is "Bananas" named by its bending shape on the end of Besialu Reef. Located in front of where the boat maoarings are out at Besialu Reef it is usually better surfed mid to high to mid tide on days when a desent swell is running. "Bananas" can get quite hollow with some tricky sections to overcome but can be fun on its day.
 Warning to guests taking on Besialu Reef in large swells is there is a lot of water movement happening and a longer gun shape surfboard is required doen't matter how good a surfer you may think you are. To successfully make it beyond the first bottom turn section with enough drive to keep up with the pace of the wave i recomend nothing under a 7'6"gun and anything longer is going to be a bonus. Some surfers are riding 10' plus guns out there in large swells. also beware of grouping up in the line up because clean up sets surprise the most alert surfers and the last thing you want is to be tangled up while getting thrashed around in the impact zone.
Bombie Reef
 Situated next reef to Besialu Reef other side to harbour entrance out from Nemberala beach and is best to take the Lualemba boat to get there. Prefers no to very gentle east wind as it is very exposed with no protection from exposed reef.This wave has an A=frame shape to it with a tricky positioning forthe take off spot. The wave has a short steep walling right with the right conditions can produce some epic barrels then after a huge driving cutback the wave turns into a left hand right.
 The left is a fast walling wave that you must race to make the sections. On the right conditions it can be as good or even better than Besialu Reef.The Bombie like a more south swell and breaks better on a lower tide. It becomes an extremely heavy wave on a large swell and a surfer has to have its wits about judging the conditions and dealing with the impact of the wave.
The Spit
 Situated about 200 metres south of "The Point" at Besialu Reef is an opening of about fifty meteres in the reef that can produce a left and right. Best to get there by Lualemba boat and prefers a easterly wind. With the correct swell direction and a high tide it can produce a softer fun waves. The left works better with a south swell and is more for experienced surfer. The right is a pretty soft wave but can get shallow quickly on the inside.
 Known as the girls wave amounst many surfers is great for the beginner or those intiminated by the other surf spots around Rote. Can be an easy paddle to and from the beach or the Lualemba boat can take you there if tide doesn't get too low. Its located inside the reef between Nemberala beach and "The Bombie" north of the boat harbour. Likes any easterly direction wind and is reccomended to be surfed mid to high to mid tides. a fun soft waves that can go left or right when taking off. Can be an excellent Longboard wave in larger swells.
Saku Nomors
 Saku Nomor has a couple nick names "Sucky Mammas" or "suckys" is located around four kilometres north from Nemberala beach harbour where there is an opening in the reef about one kilometre or so from the beach. There is a church with a high pitch roof as a land mark. A right hand break that is the most common surfed area there that consists an inside take off section and a short out side take off section. Both consist of a steep take off that can produces some fairly hollow sections. Its pretty rare to do a cutback at this surf spot. Not so good on a too low tide as it can get pretty shallow. Watch for sneaker sets that can clean up the lie up. Sako Nomor is pretty exposed to wind with no protection from exposed reef so best surfed early mornings. There is a left on the other side of the channel that can produce an excellent wave but needs a bigger swell to produce a rideable wave. Best to charter the Lualemba boat to get there as its a very rough journey there with a long long paddle from the beach. Lualemba boat charter maxium 6 people for larger boat RP 600,00 or maxium 3 people for smaller boat RP 600,000.
Oe Mau Reef at Boa
 Oe mau Reef is a classic Indonesian right hand wave when on its day can be better than Nias. Located about six kilometres south from Nemberala. Best to hire motor bike with surfboard racks. Probably doesn't get much over eight feet on a solid Indian Ocean ground swell no mater how big the swell the lip just gets thicker. Can be still a great wave small running on the edge of the reef but when it reach four to five feet (head high face) it becomes an epic wave with awesome hollow sections and fun playable walls. Take off can stand up with a challenging drop especially with a bit of size. Any tide is good for Oe Mau Reef can shut down more on a lower tide. Likes norherly winds or early morning before the trades (south east) winds set in for the day. Best to get there by motor bike with a short walk from the beach accross the reef about 50 metres. Sets can surprise surfers as they appear from nowhere out of deep water. Seen more broken surfboards caused from clean up sets.
Fishing around Nemberala and Outer Reefs
Lualemba has three boats so guests can go surfing and enjoy other boating activities while you can go fishing. With the choice of three the best appropiate boats for the type of fishing conditions is available. Types of fishing available are trolling, jigging and popping or live bait. Trips can be an hourly adventure or apart of a day trip that can include visiting outer islands. 
Day Trips To Surf, Fish and Play